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NAMIC SoCal Supports
Community Development Corporation's "I See You," campaign to fight homelessness in Los Angeles.

Invest in Your Community.
It's Where You Live.

A one-stop-shop to cure homelessness, Restoration Community Development Corporation provides critical resources to serve unsheltered populations in Los Angeles. Restoration for the unsheltered can be weeks rather than months away with resources pooled in one place. Your donation shortens the time it takes to place the unsheltered in safe and secure housing. Help us make a difference.

3 Ways to Give This Season


Give $5 or more to Restoration CDC or Support by purchasing "I See You," T-Shirt.

Enroll five

Enroll 5 co-workers to give $5 or more


Ask your employer to match your giving or Connect RCDC to your company.



Wear the cure to homelessness.  Support Restoration CDC by purchasing your "I See You" T-Shirt.  Give your good looks to a cause that helps house the unsheltered.  Simply scan the back to get friends, family or co-workers to give.

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